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As the NFC ecosystem begins to mature and moves from just contactless payments to more marketing-based applications, business leaders increasingly need to understand just how they can harness the power of NFC to drive brand awareness, increase revenue, and create an exciting customer experience. More consumers than ever will have NFC smartphones in their hands this year. Mobile applications, point-of -sale, location-based value delivery – all need to be adapted to meet the needs of the NFC-empowered consumer in order to keep a competitive edge. There has never been a more exciting time for NFC technologies. And NFC Bootcamp™ — the first globally standardized Near Field Communication educational series — has seen first-hand how NFC has grown and the mounting excitement around engaging customers in new and exciting ways. Join an upcoming NFC Bootcamp event and learn how to create effective marketing strategies using NFC from some of the most respected NFC experts in the field. You'll also experience real-world, hands-on demos of NFC technology at work in our NFC Showcase™.


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