What You’ll Learn at an NFC Bootcamp

Attendees will gain the knowledge and information needed to create, deploy, test, and manage NFC solutions. Learn how others have created NFC campaigns and what it takes to create your own NFC solution. Take away tags, reader/writer software, and code to get started. More about what you will learn:


FREE NFC Developers Kit Included!

  • Contactless USB reader, writer
  • 5 Mobile Contactless Tags
  • Software to initialize, read, and write tags



Welcome and Introductions

Introduction to NFC

Learn about the primary hardware, software and network components needed for any NFC system, and how these components work together to deliver an integrated NFC solution.

Networking and Refreshment Break – NFC Showcase is Available

The NFC Ecosystem

Learn about the key roles that interact throughout the ecosystem to deliver an NFC program, including Mobile Network Operators (MNO), handset makers, Trusted Service Managers (TSM), application developers, etc. We’ll look at the status of some of the major players in each of these roles, including Google, Nokia, Gemalto, and others.


NFC For Payments: What’s in Your Wallet?

Gain insight into the complex issue of using NFC for payments and managing an NFC wallet. We’ll review how to deploy an NFC wallet and add a credit card, then look at the challenges associated with keeping your card at the “top of the wallet.” We’ll discuss the impact of host card emulation (HCE), secure elements, cloud-based processing, and EMV chip technology and their impact on contactless payments, as well as secure storage alternatives for mobile phones. We’ll look at the use cases of NFC in payments and the readiness of the payment infrastructure to handle NFC transactions.

Moving NFC Beyond Payments

Explore dozens of creative ideas and applications that leverage the functionality of NFC, including mobile marketing opportunities like loyalty, couponing and social media. With all the hype being generated about the impact on NFC on mobile marketing campaigns and proximity marketing, this section separates fact vs. fiction. We’ll discuss what you can really accomplish with NFC today and what NFC’s impact will be tomorrow.

iBeacons and NFC: Friends or Foes

There has been much discussion in the media and the blogosphere around the impact of Apple’s iBeacons on NFC adoption. Are we hearing the death knells for NFC? What are the implications in push versus pull marketing? What are the concerns around opt-in marketing, information security, and spamming? Can iBeacons and NFC coexist? We’ll discuss the two technologies, how they are used and the considerations and benefits surrounding each type of implementation.

NFC Expert Panel

An expert panel of Bootcamp speakers, sponsors and special guests address a myriad of subjects in the NFC ecosystem. You’ll hear a number of viewpoints about the technology, its adoption and real-world uses, the challenges and the successes.

Conclusion: Networking Hour


NFC Technology Overview

Learn more about the technology that makes NFC work in the real world. We’ll examine in-market applications, how they are put together, and how their interactions work. We’ll look at a wallet application, a coupon application, a retail loyalty check-in application using a smart poster and a retail POS application. You’ll gain a better understanding of how NFC solutions are created, deployed, used, and updated.

Hardware, Firmware and Software

Understand what you can and cannot do with the technology by breaking down commonly used hardware, firmware, and software. We’ll break down reader/writers and mobile phones (partially), then review what happens in firmware and software and how to access them for integration. Gain the knowledge of NFC devices and components you need to integrate your solution into the technology.

Use Cases: Design, Development, Deployment and Management Overview

Review the technology behind the major use cases for NFC: Payments, Loyalty, Transportation, Access Control, and Smart Posters. We will learn how the technology has been implemented, deployed, and supported for these use cases. You’ll gain an understanding of the decisions you need to make when specifying a new NFC solution or integrating NFC into your current solution.

Lunch and Networking with other attendees, one-on-one time with sponsors and speakers.


Touch, Feel and Transact

Touch, feel, and play with some of the NFC solutions we’ve discussed and all the samples we’ll build together in the next session. Hear from featured speakers and sponsors who have real-world NFC applications. You’ll get a chance to examine tags, cards, wristbands, phones, reader/writers, and point of sale devices, and we’ll discuss integration with point of sale terminals, point of sale systems, carriers, and processors.

Networking and Refreshment Break – NFC Showcase is Available

Campaign Creation: Hands-On (laptop required)

Build an NFC campaign using tags, readers and NFC content management systems. You’ll learn how to initialize tags, create smart posters, and manage content. From concept to creation to customer experience, you’ll work on the entire lifecycle process and gain the knowledge, code and experience you need to create real world campaigns immediately.

Open discussion with speakers


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