Trevor Crotch-Harvey

Trevor Crotch-HarveyTrevor Crotch-Harvey has been a founding Director of touché-NFC Ltd since 2012, and proprietor of the independent consultancy Fenbrook Consulting, since 2006.  Prior to forming Fenbrook, he was on the board of Innovision Research & Technology plc, a pioneer in the development of NFC chip technology.  He has worked in contactless technology since he supplied the first contactless cards to London Transport in 1994 for its Harrow Bus pilot, the forerunner of Oyster.  At Innovision, Trevor worked closely with NFC industry partners and has presented at conferences all over the world on the applications of NFC since 2004.  He has written two books for IDTechEx on NFC, in 2007 and 2009.  He has also completed seven projects for MasterCard on various aspects of the use of wristbands for contactless payments in music festivals, and he chairs Working Group 22 of the UK Transport Card Forum – “Contactless Payments in Public Transport.”

Although Trevor is an expert on contactless payments and smart ticketing, he formed touché with Glenn Needham in 2012 to address the application of NFC in the marketing domain.  Trevor and Glenn believe that NFC, along with other complementary technologies, has the potential to revolutionise advertising and the relationship between brands and their customers.

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