Richard Dupe


A former marketing executive, Richard Dupe has established himself as a leader in mobile connectivity solutions and mobile advertising. With a focus on making digital technology tangible for consumers as well as advertising agencies and their clients, Richard leverages wireless connectivity technology to provide a deeper level of engagement with consumers. Richard is the co-creator of Sharetapes—a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that resembles a traditional cassette tape used to create and share playlists from Spotify, Pandora or YouTube. Richard is also the co-founder of the mobile marketing platform, Tactify, that allows business to create mobile marketing campaigns through a simple online dashboard. Using Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and QR technology, Tactify offers product solutions for anyone from retail managers, advertising agencies or large enterprises so they can connect, design and build their very own interactive mobile and/or print campaigns. Tactify is technology agnostic, automatically integrating with the latest technologies.

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