NFC Bootcamp Founder Publishes “NFC for Dummies”

New book provides introduction to near field communication and its potential to significantly change how you interact with the people and things around you

NFC for Dummies

NFC for Dummies available in bookstores now.

Dallas, Texas, April 21, 2016: — If you ask most people what NFC stands for, they will probably think about football. But a new book in bookstores this week introduces readers to a new meaning for NFC: near field communication (NFC). Robert P. Sabella, founder of NFC Bootcamp™ — the most comprehensive series of globally delivered near field communication education programs — wrote NFC for Dummies, published by For Dummies®, the world’s bestselling reference series and a Wiley brand, to take the intimidation out of working with the features of NFC-enabled devices. The book will tell you exactly what NFC is, how it works and what it does—and doesn’t do.

Soon, one billion mobile devices will have NFC in them.  Today, you can pay for groceries at your local grocery store using NFC.  Tomorrow you will start to see many other applications that use NFC to make your life easier. NFC for Dummies explores the mobile payments and wallets landscape as well as expanded use cases in marketing, enterprise, healthcare, anti-counterfeiting and the expanding world of the Internet of Things. With guidance and input from experts in the NFC ecosystem, the book unlocks a lot of the secrets of the trade and gets readers up to speed quickly on how NFC works, where it is being used today, and where it will be used in the future.

“With all the buzz today about how NFC is enabling mobile payments for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and others, I wanted to provide a clear introduction into how NFC works and how it can be used across industry verticals, for mobile payments and beyond,” said Sabella. “We haven’t even scratched the surface of how this amazing technology can be leveraged to enable the Internet of Things in our connected society.”

NFC for Dummies is in-store now. More details are available at:

NFC for Dummies
By Robert P. Sabella
Softcover | 288 pages | ISBN 978-1-119-18292-4

About the Author of NFC for Dummies

Robert P. Sabella is a serial entrepreneur, investor, inventor and author. He has started several companies, invested in a few more and invented some products along the way with two current patent-pending applications. NFC for Dummies is Mr. Sabella’s second published book, his first being the RFID+ Exam Cram™. He is passionate about start-ups, both as an entrepreneur and an investor. Mr. Sabella’s focus is on all things related to mobile, specifically proximity ID technologies (NFC, RFID, BLE) and mobile commerce apps.

Mr. Sabella founded the NFC Bootcamp™ ( in 2011 and has since trained hundreds of individuals and organizations around the world on NFC and related proximity technologies and the solutions they enable. He also created and co-founded AccelerateNFC™ (, a seed accelerator program focused exclusively on proximity ID technologies and is the co-organizer of the global hackathon series TrackHack: The Proximity ID Hackathon™ ( Mr. Sabella is also the co-founder and Managing Partner of Interact Ventures (, a seed round venture capital investment firm focused on proximity ID technologies (NFC, RFID, BLE), IoT and mobile commerce.

Mr. Sabella holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Philosophy and a Juris Doctor from Boston College.

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