NFC Bootcamp™ Returns to London; Curriculum Focuses on NFC in Marketing and Advertising

Near field communication thought leaders will demonstrate best practices for using NFC in today’s connected world

December 19, 2013, Dallas, Texas —NFC Bootcamp™, the creator of the most comprehensive series of globally delivered near field communication (NFC) education programs, today announced speakers to be featured at its training program in London, scheduled for January 29-30, 2014.

The NFC Bootcamp training program helps businesses understand how to use near field communication (NFC) technology to drive brand awareness and enhance their customer experience. With the growing availability of NFC-enabled devices — whether smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices like wristbands — consumers demand a simplified, customized and personalized experience. Taught by NFC experts, this class offers best practices for using NFC to engage today’s connected consumers.

The London NFC Bootcamp, led by Paula Berger, will feature the following thought leaders in the NFC ecosystem:

Nav Bains, Sequent
Glenn Needham, Near Field Solutions
Chris Arnold, Creative Orchestra and Comobi2
Trevor Crotch-Harvey, touché-NFC LTD
Sam Amrani, Tamoco

Registration is now open. Attendees will learn how NFC is being used in real-world scenarios — presented by people actually creating and implementing NFC solutions. The NFC Showcase is a highlight of the NFC Bootcamp, with demos of dozens of NFC products and hands-on training to help businesses build an NFC campaign immediately.

“The United Kingdom has been on the leading edge of near field communication implementations and consumer engagement in the global market. From digital luggage tags tested by British Airways to NFC treats offered in Giraffe Restaurants to NFC-enabled keys at Gatlin airport’s Bloc Hotel to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal campaign, the region has been implementing groundbreaking NFC solutions for several years. NFC Bootcamp is excited to return to London with its two-day training program to foster this momentum,” said Robert Sabella, chief executive officer and founder of the NFC Bootcamp. “NFC is changing how we engage with the world around us, and businesses need to understand this – fast. Customers expect constant information, instant interaction and immediate results – all while they are on the go – and NFC can help companies meet their expectations. London is a prime example of how this technology impacts the way companies do business and there is no better way to learn about near field communication than at an NFC Bootcamp.”

Sponsors of the NFC Bootcamp include Tamoco, ISIS, Cellotape, Identive, DeviceFidelity, Poken, GoToTags, NFC Jobs and AccelerateNFC. Supporting organizations include the NFC Forum and Smart Insights.

Additional NFC Bootcamp dates are scheduled for cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Marseille, Orlando, Boston and Toronto. For information or to register for a class, visit

Organizations interested in sponsoring or speaking at an NFC Bootcamp or participating in the NFC Showcase should visit to request information.


About NFC Bootcamp ( – Based in Dallas, Texas, the NFC Bootcamp™ training series is the first internationally standardized training program of its kind and brings together knowledgeable and respected leaders in the NFC industry to share their expertise and insights. It also features the NFC Showcase™, which highlights real-world, hands-on demos of NFC technology at work from key companies in the NFC ecosystem. Cities that have hosted an NFC Bootcamp include London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Toronto, and Atlanta, with more cities being added regularly. NFC Bootcamp is part of the OTA Ventures affiliate companies. For more information and to register for any of the NFC Bootcamps, see or #nfcbootcamp.

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