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Capture that special momentI like jewelry.  I like it a lot! I think we all have that special gift of jewelry that marks an occasion. A birthstone ring for a 16th birthday. The wristwatch for graduation or a new job. The pearl necklace and earrings for a wedding.  The wedding rings and anniversary rings.  The line bracelet to celebrate a personal accomplishment. These all celebrate a special moment. They are items we treasure and keep close. Ones we hope to pass down to sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and grandchildren.

Well that’s nice, you say.  But what does that have to do with technology and mobile marketing strategy.  Why would NFC Bootcamp be blogging about jewelry?

Here’s why.  Back in December, we came across this little news item at about jewelry brand Galatea: Jewelry by Artist  launching the first cultured pearl to enable shared digital content on a compatible mobile device. Things like images, voice messages and video, Hmmm, looks really interesting. I read on …

“‘This is where the future of jewelry begins,’ said Momento Pearl inventor and Galatea’s founder, Chi Huynh. ‘A person can ‘live’ in this pearl forever, as it holds the voice and memories of a loved one.’ Despite its high-tech interface, the real interest in the Momento Pearl lies in its ability to summon a voice, a memory and emotion, said Huynh, who plans on introducing more NFC-enabled jewelry such as gemstones and diamonds over the coming months.”  I was intrigued!

As marketing professionals know, any good marketing campaign requires a connection to the consumer — a resonance that compels your customer to make a purchasing decision.  Marketing 101. We talk so much about mobile marketing strategy, and near field communication as part of that strategy.  NFC Bootcamp is all about learning to leverage the latest technology and trends to enhance brand, create customer engagement and boost revenue stream.  Our sister company, AccelerateNFC, is focused on mentoring and nurturing start-up companies creating new NFC products and solutions. But we are all consumers, too!

I was looking at this product and thinking about my family who lives in New Orleans. Yes, they survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  However, much of the 40-years-of- memories didn’t. Videos and photo albums destroyed. Mementos and audio tapes gone. A lifetime of special moments. What if those moments had been accessible through a special piece of jewelry that is always with you? We live in a digital, connected world.  We’re part of the Internet of Things. Sometimes technology is not about business, paying bills, being on call 24/7, or having constant access to the information highway, no matter where you are.  Sometimes technology simply captures and preserves moments you don’t want to ever forget.

NFC Bootcamp just got a little bit of scoop.  Galatea has an announcement scheduled for February 11. It’s launching a Kickstarter campaign around the Momento Pearl. I already know I’m all in! Check it out.  If you are familiar with Galatea’s line of jewelry already, you won’t want to miss this.  If you want more information, just contact us, and we’ll get you in line for the early bird specials.

About the Author:

Tracee Lee Beebe

Tracee Lee Beebe brings a multi-faceted approach and hands-on expertise to marketing and communications. She joined the NFC Bootcamp team in 2012. In her past roles, she has consulted on marketing initiatives with several management consulting firms, and has served as director of marketing and corporate communications during her career. Tracee has have served in numerous communications roles over the years, including companies like Vystar Credit Union, Corbel and Company (now Relius, a SunGard company), and State Farm Mutual Insurance Companies. As a consultant, she has worked for clients like Bank of America, Wachovia, and Boston Scientific. A member of the International Association of Business Communicators, Tracee holds a degree in marketing management and a Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

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  1. Great use case for NFC! Will have to check out AccelerateNFC, too!

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