NFC for Dummies featured in guest blog at NFC Forum

NFC Bootcamp founder Robert Sabella, author of NFC for Dummies, was featured in a guest blog at NFC Forum’s Tap Into NFC Spotlight Blog.  Check out this interview about the process of writing an introduction to the larger world of NFC to help readers understand why this technology is so amazing.

NFC for Dummies featured in spotlight blog at NFC Forum

Tap Into NFC Spotlight Blog

Three Questions with NFC for Dummies Author Robert Sabella

1. Why write an NFC For Dummies book?

When a technology or skill reaches the point that it is considered an appropriate topic for a “Dummies” book you can rest assured that the technology or skill has reached a tipping point into popular culture and/or common, everyday usage. Until recently, ask most people – especially Americans — what NFC stands for, and they will probably tell you the National Football Conference. But with the dramatic increased use of NFC in payments, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and control as well as the widespread adoption of the technology for public transportation systems, NFC has become a technology that has the potential to significantly change how we interact with the people and things around us. By just touching your smartphone to something, like the point of sale (POS) terminal in most stores, you can instantly make a payment. By touching your phone to a poster, you can download a trailer for a movie and buy tickets for the next show. The exciting news about NFC is that we haven’t even scratched the surface yet of how this technology is going to change our lives. … Read more at Tap Into NFC.

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