NFC Key to Higher Market Penetration

A research report published by leading business intelligence provider, GBI Research forecasts the growth of near field communication (NFC) technology in the market over the next few years.  Near Field Communication (NFC) Market to 2016 – Increased Availability of NFC Embedded Handsets Key for Higher Market Penetration, outlines the technology, key players in the ecosystem, end user applications, and includes profiles on some of the leaders in the industry.  According to GBI Research, we should expect to see considerable expansion of the NFC market with a compound annual growth rate of 68.8% from 2011-2016.  GBI Research is also predicting high sales of SIM-based and handset embedded models with NFC.

Blue “Clues” with NFC

The report breaks down NFC, how it works and its key components. It also discusses the partners and the different potential business models.  The report also compares NFC with Bluetooth (BT).  With the release of Bluetooth 4.0 — supporting both the newer and older BT technology — consumers can have the world at their fingertips.  Handsets already include GPS, Wi-Fi, and even frequency modulation chips. And now, by including NFC in the BT chips, space requirements will be reduced and the cost per unit will decrease as well, making handsets even more efficient.  Perhaps one of the most useful enhancements about NFC is its use of short-range radio communication makes it interception free.  It also establishes BT and Wi-Fi through pairing and security authentication quickly and easily.

About the Author

M. Cole JonesM. Cole Jones is a catalyst in both industry and community leveraging socially responsible partnerships to connect various verticals through emerging technologies. While directing corporate relations for the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) the largest technology association in North America; he evangelizes for emerging technologies. A founding member of nx|s (nxis solutions), M. Cole pivoted his focus on NFC and position himself as a thought leader, now working with companies such as Flomio to deploy nfc solutions, Google, DSE and the NFC Bootcamp to educate and engage startups, corporations, educational institutes, government and industry leaders on how to harness the power of NFC to drive brand awareness and increase revenue. He led the efforts in organizing the first NFC Bootcamp in Georgia, recording attendees from Dubai, London, Sydney, and Switzerland. His passion equals new mediums, partnerships and results. NFC has been his vehicle.



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