Reviews for NFC for Dummies are in

BooksartWe’re excited to say that the reviews for NFC for Dummies are coming in. We’re getting great feedback from our readers and the media, and wanted to share the reviews below. The team is working on scheduling book signings and appearances for author Robert Sabella, and we’ll announce those events soon. In the meantime, you can order an author signed copy of NFC for Dummies here.


Good NFC Primer

If you want to quickly get up to speed on NFC, this book is a good starting point in under 300 pages. The book is technical but if you are not technical and want to get a high level overview, this works too, you can just skip any engineering-level material you do not need to know right away. The book alternates in different segments between consumer-speaker and technical-speak.

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NFC for the Internet of Things

This is something I’m actually interested in. As a former software engineer, I’m always intrigued by the Internet of Things, and for the first time, I actually have a book that lets me play around with it. Simple to understand. Easy to follow. Get this book.

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Fantastically informative for techies, but no detailed design or programming specs

This is a great book for travel days because it just pulls you in. Well, it pulls you in if you’re the type of person whose youtube subscriptions are heavily about how to build stuff and reviews of components more than movies or games. … Other interesting bits are the discussions on deploying, diagnosing, and debugging. Things like figuring out if the NFC chip is dead, if the comm channel is fried, if the deployment is positioned unfavorably, etc. The most enjoyable chapters are the ones on actual deployments and how people are interacting with NFC tagged stuff. It really gets the creative juices flowing.

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From 0-90 in 274 pages

This book is written for someone who know virtually nothing about NFC but wants to get up on what all this new-fangled close-proximity data transfer stuff is all about. It covers things as basic as “How do I turn the NFC function on and off on my phone?” It also spends a fair amount of time discussing what NFC is, how it compares to other wireless technologies, and its strengths and weaknesses.

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Great history and practical guide on how NFC is being used April 29, 2016

Very thorough and laid out nicely. The book includes details of the history of this technology, from it’s invention by Sony and Phillips in 2002, to it’s evolution of how it is used today. It also includes key points to consider when developing apps and how to avoid certain development snags. It then wraps up nicely with detailed additional resources/sites, and 10 “really cool implementations.”

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