Tap For Message

tapformessagelogoTap For Message is changing the gift giving experience and revolutionizing the event management industry. TFM manufactures NFC chip based cards, stickers, hang tags and gift card cases, with which one can attach and play a audio/video message wirelessly.

TFM is the first and only company to:

    • introduce greeting cards with the ability to attach/play a video greeting wirelessly
    • offer retail products with the ability to attach a video message and custom content to any physical item
    • provide physical video invitations with custom RSVP form and attendee responses are consolidate on a live dashboard for event management
    • have an online retailer solution for shoppers to attach video greeting remotely for their merchandise purchased for delivery
    • leverage NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless technology that is available on smart phones for greetings, invitations, surveys, call to action and product marketing

TFM’s retail products have NFC (Near Field Communication) chip embedded, allowing for wireless communication when attaching or playing the audio/video greeting. Additionally, TFM products support QR Code and direct browser access to support all devices. The solution is very user friendly with no apps to install or download. TFM’s methods and solutions are filed for patent and trademark.

TfM’s commercial line has flexible branding options for companies, and unique solutions for collecting feedback surveys, call to action, and promoting pre-sales and post sales content related to their products or services, such as video assembly instruction, specification, registration, warranty and manuals.

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