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NFC and proximity ID technologies rule the world of mobile

It’s been several years since I started this journey of evangelizing near field communication ( NFC ) and the brilliance of the technology, its ease of use, and eventuality of mass adoption. NFC Bootcamp was the first internationally standardized training program of its kind bringing together knowledgeable, respected leaders in the NFC industry to share expertise and insights. It has been an exciting venture for me and for the NFC Bootcamp team. Over the past few years, we’ve held numerous NFC Bootcamps around the globe and featured thought leaders and experts in mobile wallets, marketing, technical development, digital out of home, the world of NFC, and more. We’ve worked with these experts on the first-ever start-up accelerator focused exclusively on mobile proximity ID technologies, AccelerateNFC. And, we’ve been able to collaborate with technical leaders in software and hardware to hold the first ever TrackHack Proximity ID Hackathon. This collective expertise and close collaboration has come to fruition in NFC for Dummies published by For Dummies®, the world’s bestselling reference series and a Wiley brand.

NFC for Dummies talks about the world of nfc

NFC for Dummies available in bookstores now.

Just released to booksellers this month, NFC for Dummies covers a wide range of topics like how near field communication actually works, what drives mobile payments, how NFC can be used in a wide range of industries, as well as considerations for software, hardware and application development. I’ve covered my top 10 favorite NFC implementations, and provided the top 10 resources you should know about for all things NFC. You’ll also find some predictions and industry trends to watch. The team really wanted to create a primer that took the intimidation out of the process and allow both the practitioner and novice alike to gain a broader view of what NFC can enable for businesses and for consumers, and we’ve accomplished that with a great partner like Wiley.

Our industry has seen a flurry of momentum over the past year. We are seeing higher adoption rates than ever before with the rollout of more “pay” products globally. Wearables — and not just smart watches and wristbands — are popping up in retail, healthcare, and even Formula 1 racing venues.

Tap Into the World of NFC

Tap Into the World of NFC

And it is so exciting to see the growing adoption of mobile technologies — specifically the integration of proximity ID technologies like NFC, radio frequency identification (RFID), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). And the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow with each tag, beacon, wearable and smart device that gets activated.

On deck for our blog over the next several weeks, I’ll cover a number of topics like the Internet of Things and its outlook; some interesting use cases of NFC in the healthcare industry; and some of the innovative uses of NFC in wearable tech. I welcome your feedback and input on what you’d like to hear about. And if you have an NFC implementation you’d like to share, let us know!

About The Author

Robert Sabella, author of NFC for Dummies

Robert Sabella

Robert Sabella brings more than 20 years of legal and entrepreneurial experience to Interact Ventures and is considered one of the most innovative leaders in developing and bringing new technologies to market. Mr. Sabella is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, innovator and author. He started several companies, invested in a few more and invented a few products along the way with two current patent-pending applications. He authored two books, RFID+ Cram Exam and NFC for Dummies™. He is passionate about start-ups, both as an entrepreneur and an investor. Mr. Sabella’s focus is on all things related to mobile proximity, specifically RFID, NFC, BLE and mobile apps.

Mr. Sabella created and co-founded the proximity ID technology focused accelerator program, AccelerateNFC, as well as co-organized the global hackathon series TrackHack™: The Proximity ID Hackathon. He continues to train people and organizations around the world on proximity technologies and the solutions they enable through the NFC Bootcamps.

Mr. Sabella earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in philosophy and a Juris Doctor from Boston College and is a member of the New York and Massachusetts bar.

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