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NFC Changing the Game

In a world where technology is fast-changing and ever growing, we’ve found a burst of new tech possibilities with NFC. Short for Near Field Communication, NFC is revolutionizing the way we view, use and interact with technology. Be it a chip inside a device, an NFC-enabled sticker, smartposter, card, or even a key fob, the technology allows devices to communicate over short-radio waves. The use of NFC enhances mobile banking, the exchange of data, tagging and wireless connecting between devices that are within close range of one another. The technology wraps itself in an ecosystem among a variety of industries such as merchant and consumers, education, research and government, transportation, manufacturing and system integrators.

NFC on Demand

With the growing demand for more up to date technological advances, NFC is on a technological high, even though the technology has been around for the past several years. With new mobile devices being released to the public every few months, the consumer demand for the ability for every aspect of life to be mobile has is increased exponentially, and NFC is meeting the demand. “NFC is now reaching a tipping point as smartphone manufacturers continue to release new handsets containing the technology,” shares Theresa Billy, Founder of Near Field Connects. Research reports by Juniper are expecting one in five smartphones to have NFC by the year 2014.

Excitement is building across industries from the realization that NFC provides previously unheard of new advertising and marketing opportunities and consumer-driven data capture possibilities as well as creates the potential to close the loop from the point of manufacture to the point of sale.”Businesses can take advantage of NFC technology, and the shifts in shopping and marketing that search, the cloud and mobile technology have enabled by developing NFC engagements for end users which the brands can add to current business, mobile and marketing processes.”

There is no end to this speeding train on the technological railway, with predictions estimating about 300 million NFC capable smartphones by the end of 2012, the majority of that 300 million focusing in North America. I suggest you are one of the 300 million. If you knew what I know you would already be on it Come. Join the Club!

About the Author

M. Cole JonesM. Cole Jones is a catalyst in both industry and community leveraging socially responsible partnerships to connect various verticals through emerging technologies. While directing corporate relations for the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) the largest technology association in North America; he evangelizes for emerging technologies. A founding member of nx|s (nxis solutions), M. Cole pivoted his focus on NFC and position himself as a thought leader, now working with companies such as Flomio to deploy nfc solutions, Google, DSE and the NFC Bootcamp to educate and engage startups, corporations, educational institutes, government and industry leaders on how to harness the power of NFC to drive brand awareness and increase revenue. He led the efforts in organizing the first NFC Bootcamp in Georgia, recording attendees from Dubai, London, Sydney, and Switzerland. His passion equals new mediums, partnerships and results. NFC has been his vehicle.



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