Vision to Reality: NFC Beyond Payment

NFC for Dummies author to moderate panel discussion at upcoming NFC Forum Event

People who have been involved with NFC for many years almost cringe at the idea that Apple invented NFC when they introduced Apple Pay. But the reality is that Apple Pay did serve a very important purpose by bringing NFC into the general consciousness of consumers. Now we need to build on the growing success of NFC in payments by both supporting and developing other uses cases for NFC across all industry verticals. This is the main theme of a panel discussion I will be moderating at The NFC Forum’s new event series VisioNFC, which will be held in Dallas June 15 and 16 for NFC Forum Members. Vision to Reality: NFC Beyond Payment will cover some of the more innovative uses of NFC now and in the future. I’ll be presenting with some prestigious speakers in the NFC Ecosystem: Chris Tweedt of Park Associates; Nitesh Patel of Strategy Analytics; and Jayden Khakurel of Red Solution.

VisioNFC, Dallas, NFC Beyond PaymentIn addition to this panel, NFC Forum members will be able to participate in Lightening Talks given by experts in the industry. I’m particularly excited to see presentations by NFC Bootcamp partners and friends who contributed to — and are featured in — my latest book, NFC for Dummies: Mikhail Damiani of Blue Bite; Mark Robinton of HID Global; and Timothy Daly of Cellotape Smart Products.

Fostering NFC Beyond Payment

The NFC Forum’s mission is to bring the convenience of NFC technology to life. They empower organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe. And the introduction of this new series of events helps their members gain insights on the direction of NFC innovation and connect with industry experts. (You can learn more about membership here.) Their work in evangelizing and standardizing near field communication is critical in our industry to move NFC beyond payment, and plays prominently in the book as well.

If you are an NFC Forum member and will be at the event or if you are working on some new and innovative use cases for NFC, let me know. Hopefully we will see you in Dallas.

About The Author

Robert Sabella, author of NFC for Dummies

Robert Sabella

Robert Sabella brings more than 20 years of legal and entrepreneurial experience to Interact Ventures and is considered one of the most innovative leaders in developing and bringing new technologies to market. Mr. Sabella is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, innovator and author. He started several companies, invested in a few more and invented a few products along the way with two current patent-pending applications. He authored two books, RFID+ Cram Exam and NFC for Dummies™. He is passionate about start-ups, both as an entrepreneur and an investor. Mr. Sabella’s focus is on all things related to mobile proximity, specifically RFID, NFC, BLE and mobile apps.

Mr. Sabella created and co-founded the proximity ID technology focused accelerator program, AccelerateNFC, as well as co-organized the global hackathon series TrackHack™: The Proximity ID Hackathon. He continues to train people and organizations around the world on proximity technologies and the solutions they enable through the NFC Bootcamps.

Mr. Sabella earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in philosophy and a Juris Doctor from Boston College and is a member of the New York and Massachusetts bar.

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