Just What is Google Up To?

Conventional wisdom has the purchase of Motorola Mobility as a defensive action by Google to protect itself from an increasingly likely spate of protracted and ugly legal battles over patent infringements.  Maybe.  Even probably.  But it does really put into stark relief the question: What is Google really up to…?

Speculation abounds.  Google wallets and now Google phones.  Who knows where it will end.  But it for sure has shaken up the landscape some.  So who is next, Nokia…Rim…?  And what would that look like.

Gartner, in their recent report on NFC put forth two interesting positions.  First, NFC was at the height of it’s now famous Technology  Hype Cycle….again.  And it will probably stay there for some time.  And two, by 2016 almost 85% of all POS systems will be NFC enabled.

Google gets it.  And so do a lot of other really smart people.  The trend toward smart phones and the applications that NFC will enable and simplify, payments being an essential but only  one application, is becoming undeniable.

Sure, it won’t be by the end of 2011.  And I think we could have a healthy debate on when it will actual happen.  But the smart money is betting that it will and is making sure they will be ready when it does.

NFC Bootcamp will put you in line with the smart money, so when NFC hits the market in a big way, and we know it will, you’ll know how to get a piece of the action, and be miles ahead of the other guys.

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