NFC…What’s That…???

I had a very interesting experience today that I wanted to share with my fellow colleagues in the NFC community.  We were at an event for advertising and marketing executives promoting our upcoming NFC Bootcamp Series.   And we were shocked at what we found.

All of us in the NFC ecosystem are constantly abuzz about the latest announcement, even the hint of the next announcement.  And while we are all busy jockeying  for pole position for what we all hope and believe will be an avalanche of NFC adoption, I gotta tell ya, most, and I mean almost everyone else outside of the industry, is still asking….NFC…What’s That….?  So after taking out a phone, explaining about mobile payments, even mentioning ISIS and the Google Wallet, most people say….hmmm…interesting.  That is a far cry from an avalanche of adoption.

While there is still a great amount of work to be done around payment infrastructure and handsets, which is being done by people much smarter than me, we all, and by that I mean all of us that eat, breathe and sleep NFC need to get our collective acts together and help explain the value proposition to the people who are ultimately going to drive NFC adoption….big retailers, small to medium size merchants, brands, marketing agencies and consumers.  These people need to see and touch NFC to understand the power of the technology and how it will impact their businesses and lives.  And that was what first inspired our concept of an NFC Bootcamp – The Industry’s first NFC Roadshow.

We hope to see many of you as we begin our Bootcamps over the next few months.  For those that have jumped on-board to support our efforts…we sincerely thank you.  For those of you who still haven’t reserved a spot, there is still room on the ship.  But all of us, in one way or another, need to do our part to get the word out to those people outside of the NFC bubble.

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