Nokia Takes Interesting Stance on NFC

While Google and its Android platform focus on the concept of the “mobile wallet” and direct consumer purchasing capabilities, Nokia has taken an interesting stance in regards to forthcoming NFC technology. Rather than try to hook it’s consumers on the simple convenience of paying with one’s cell phone, Nokia is much more interested in the marketing based application abilities of NFC in its phones. Representatives and partners of Nokia claim that the use of NFC mobile wallets will not be in use for a couple more years, and therefore, focusing on the social networking and marketing aspects will be more profitable at this time.

Regardless, of its reasoning, Nokia realizes that NFC is on the verge of becoming the next big thing and wants to harness that power. “A huge engagement opportunity exists out there,” said Rupert Englander, Nokia’s head of services, sales and marketing in the UK and Ireland.

nokia's smart poster

Nokia's Own Depiction of it's Purchaseable Smart Posters

“This isn’t a case of us filling the void while waiting for mobile payments to come through; it’s about this will happen and it will keep happening. NFC tags will be everywhere, and used for many different things.”


In preparation for this, Nokia has already set up its own online NFC store (NFC Hub) to sell NFC to businesses and is offering NFC enabled business cards and posters. The NFC tagged posters, or smart posters, as they are sometimes called, are completely interactive and can facilitate two way transactions. By waving the NFC-enabled smartphone over a movie poster, for example, content such as a discount coupon for the movie or a snack at the concession stand can be loaded to the smartphone. Consumers could possibly pass back instant reviews, and sign up for Facebook and Twitter updates. With the multifunctional capabilities of NFC, more than one type of interactive transaction can be managed between the consumer and the merchant through digital posters.

OTA Training will be displaying this technology at all of their NFC bootcamps and in the NFC Showcase. You can see NFC tagged posters firsthand, and the excitement and interest it can generate for your business, company, product or brand.

See a Smart Poster in Action

Poken App and it’s Functionalities

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